Pureology for L'Oreal

Pureology reinvented. Launched January 2012.

3D Bottle and cap design: Emily Moyer (Patent #D646975)  Graphic design: Bergman Associates

Form Inspiration:

Smooth, subtle curves and balanced asymmetry, as occurs in nature. The simple geometry of the vessel reinforces the purity of its contents.

The absence of sharp edges allows the form a more nature-crafted, less man-made expression, mimicking the properties of environmental materials, such as paper pulp, which is formed to fit shapes found in nature.

There is a subtle reference to beverage packaging or the milk bottle, which supports the safety, freshness, and quality of the ingredients.

The slender side profile and wedge shape asserts the container’s femininity.

Functional benefits:

The wide mouth and large orifice allow easy evacuation/flow and filling of the product. The flip cap with large flange creates a simple one-handed operation. The ability to place the container down on it's foot or head provides both no-fuss flexibility, as well as insuring that the product can be readily accessible and can evacuate fully with no waste.

Environmental benefits:

The bottle’s efficient two-part construction can be easily broken down and recycled. The use of post-consumer plastic reduces the impact on the environment, while maintaining the functional benefits of plastic, i.e.squeeze-ability, impact resistance, performance in wet environment, etc. There is little wasted space when containers are nested, providing efficiency in shipping and on-shelf.

- emily moyer



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