To breathe new life into the Electrolux brand by exploring a new subcategory: small appliances.



Leveraging the brand architecture, we (5 designers at Arnell Group Innovation Lab) developed a state-of-the-art line of small kitchen appliances. They are conveniently stored and charged on a wall power bar. My focus was on the three smaller kitchen tools in the middle. The end result was a beautiful publication to be used in-house to inspire Electrolux in their brand identity and growth.




*This was following my four years at A2 Inc. developing many housewares products, including a line of small kitchen appliances that was acquired by Westinghouse / Hamilton Beach.


Selected Works

Mimi MedcessoriesInnovation Strategy | Product Line Design | Technical Implementation

Aura HomeBrand Creation | Innovation Strategy | Product & Package Design | Technical Implementation

L'Oréal PureologyBrand Renewal | Structural Packaging Design | Technical Implementation

Hubly Surgical DrillDesign Strategy | Groundbreaking Product Design | Technical Implementation

Cambridge SilversmithsProduct Design | Technical Implementation

BarkClipFirst Proprietary Product for Brand | Product Design

360 Paper Water BottleSustainability Research | Innovation Strategy | Concept Design

Twiddler by TekGearUser Centered Research | Design Strategy | Product Redesign

ElectroluxBrand Extension | New Product Line Design